Garage sale trail hot tips - volume 1

Get the price right

While your really spesh stuff should demand a premium price, there are also plenty of people looking for rock bottom prices at garage sales. Consider what you would be willing to pay and create a pricing chart to make it easy for you and shoppers.

By pricing everyday items cheaply, you’ll sell more stuff, clear more space and feel good knowing your stuff has found a new home. 

If decluttering is the name of the game for you, consider slashing prices for the final hour or having a "free to a good home" table.

Provide cashfree alternatives

With less and less people carrying cash, one of our top tips for success is to provide cashfree alternatives.

There are lots of ways to do this but if you have a PayPal account, you can get set up to accept QR code payments in the PayPal app. Shoppers simply scan with their PayPal app, pay and you get instant payment confirmation.

Make your display pretty

Make your stuff do the hard work so you don’t have to. Put your best things front and centre to lure in the shoppers. Then arrange things in categories or colours and whip out the bunting (we've even created some for you, available to download when you register your garage sale).

Whatever you do, keep it clean. No-one wants to buy a soiled pair of bloomers now do they so give your stuff a good clean before sale day and the dollars will come rolling in.

Go nuts with signage

Make it big, bold and place it in high traffic areas - just don't forget to take it down afterwards (or face the wrath of Margaret from number 22). For inspo check out our Pinterest board or if the idea of starting from scratch is daunting, we provide ready-made posters when you register.

Get creative with special offers

Two for one. Free vino after 1pm. In years gone by we've seen a church offering free pet baptisms with every purchase. At another sale, a die hard Magpies fan offered to sing the Collingwood theme song with every purchase.

It's all about the socials, darling!

Once your sale is looking schmick, take a pic and post on all your socials. Use #garagesaletrail and tag us @GarageSaleTrail so we can feature you in our socials too.

Make a day of it

Invite friends over, play some tunes and get dressed up. Your neighbours will be having a sticky beak, so flaunt what you’ve got. You’ll make some lasting connections and you’ll shift your stuff. 

Be prepared to get your haggle on

Everyone loves scoring a bargain so be prepared to haggle. Think about the lowest offer you’re willing to take for your most prized possessions and consider bundling (two items for $10) to shift more stuff.

Get a plan in place for what you don't sell

Even Russell Crowe didn’t sell everything at his garage sale so get a plan in place for the stuff you don’t shift. Check out our guide to re-homing your stuff all year round.

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