A bunch of amazing local governments and like-minded organisations partner with us each year to help stop useable stuff going to landfill and strengthen community connections.

Their support makes the event free for over 400,000 Australians to participate in and enables us to provide you with free resources, tips and support.

Show them some love. They, like you, officially rock 🤘🏾

Payment partner

We were stoked to have PayPal back as our payments partner for 2023, enabling touch-free payments for sellers and shoppers with the PayPal app.  

Our partnership means sellers with a PayPal account can accept secure, touch-free payments in person using PayPal QR codes without needing to exchange cash or payment information.

Shoppers with a PayPal account can leave cash and cards at home and make touch-free payments by scanning sellers’ PayPal QR codes.

No special equipment is needed, just the PayPal app and a smart phone. Download the app for iPhone or Android to get started.

Learn to grow partner

Garage Sale Trail's sister organisation, Grow it Local is dedicated to helping Australians grow, share and eat locally grown food.

Learn to grow via seasonal patch-to-plate 'grow-alongs’ with master growers like Paul West and Costa alongside a national community of backyard, balcony, community garden and window-sill farmers.

You can access free monthly workshops and their inhouse ‘growing guru’ to get the support you need to succeed in the garden. Can you dig it?

State & territory partners

Garage Sale Trail in the nation's capital is brought to you by the ACT Government and aims to support a cultural shift away from thinking of unwanted materials as waste, to valuing them as resources.

This project is a NSW EPA Waste and Sustainable Materials Strategy initiative, funded from the waste levy and supports achievement of the NSW Government's target to reduce illegal dumping across the state.

Garage Sale Trail has received funding from the Queensland Government’s Recycling and Jobs Fund.

Garage Sale Trail is supported by the Circular Economy Communities Fund. The Fund is delivered by Sustainability Victoria under the Victorian Government’s circular economy plan, Recycling Victoria: a new economy.

Community partners

Just like the 1,300+ Men's Sheds across the country, Garage Sale Trail is all about camaraderie and community. In 2023, Men's Sheds across across the country hosted garage sales selling pre-loved and handmade goods.

In 2023, Neighbourhood Houses & Centres hosted garage sales and open days over the Trail weekends. Many of them even had spaces reserved for locals to sell from too.