Here's a handy guide to the questions we get asked the most. Consider it your Garage Sale Trail 101.

What is it all about?

Garage Sale Trail is the nation’s biggest weekend of garage sales. An estimated 400,000 Australians got involved last year either by selling their pre-loved stuff at a garage sale or shopping the Trail for bargains and unique finds.

Made possible by the councils of Australia, it’s all about how the small actions we each take as individuals can make a big difference to our communities and our planet. After all, one garage sale on its own doesn't make that much difference but get 18,000 happening over the one weekend and KAPOW! 

Last year over 3 million kilograms of pre-loved items were sold, from kids toys to clothes, furniture and antique tea sets. You name it, you can find it on the Trail.

Is Garage Sale Trail happening in 2020?

Yesiree! One thing the pandemic has taught us is how much can be achieved when we all work together. It's also driven home the importance of connecting with our fellow humans, not to mention how important making a few extra bucks on the side from the sale of preloved stuff can be.

This year Garage Sale Trail is coming to a town near you on 21 and 22 November 2020. Yes, the date is slightly later than usual but, like you, we've been locked up at home and we've still got some work to do to make it the best event yet.

How are you responding to COVID-19?

We're bringing you new ways to be involved this year, both online and in the real world and are dedicated to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all involved. Stay tuned for updates coming soon on how Garage Sale Trail can help you make some extra bucks this year.

Who is it for?

It’s for everybody. Households, community groups, charities, schools, even whole streets get involved! It’s also a great event for makers and creators to showcase their wares and for good causes to raise a quid or two to support their work.


From mid September 2020, you'll be able can search for garage sales happening near you using our national map and create a list of favourites to visit over the weekend.

Do I have to be involved on both Saturday & Sunday?

Not at all.  You can host a sale, or shop the Trail, on Saturday 21 or Sunday 22 November, or do both.

Who keeps the money raised from the day?

It’s totally up to you what you do with the money raised.  Some sellers keep the proceeds, others choose to fundraise for a charity, local community group or cause. On average, households make just over $350 on the day. Schools over $1,500.

What can I buy or sell on the Trail?

With over 3 million items going up for sale every year, you can find pretty much anything on the Trail.    We’ve seen everything from rocket powered jet packs to llamas, apartments, a lifetime collection of Stars Wars memorabilia and even two grandpas who were listed for cups of tea and biscuits.

In the name of reuse, it's all about secondhand, from pre-loved furniture, kids toys and books to clothing, vinyl, knick knacks and more. All we ask is that you keep it clean and legal!

When’s the best time to host your garage sale?

Most garage sales run from 9am – 1pm. 

Do I have to host my sale at home?

Not necessarily but it you’re looking to host your sale elsewhere, be sure to get the necessary permissions from the landowner or your local council and always have your own safety in mind. There are some places garage sales just shouldn’t be. Like roundabouts, or footpaths, or inside an actual swimming pool.

Why is this any different to organising a garage sale on another weekend of the year?

Garage Sale Trail is Australia’s biggest reuse and community event. If you participate, you'll join hundreds of thousands of Australians nationwide. For first time garage salers we make it easy by providing tools, tips and a highly trafficked website (2 million views). In 2019 the average household sale sold 90 items, made $319 and met 46 local people.

I’m in! How do I sign up?

Registrations are open from mid September 2020.

Setting up your sale listing should take no more than five minutes of your time and once completed you’ll get access to promotional materials including posters, bunting and more, created to help make your sale a rip-roaring success. Get creative with your sale name and what you’re offering at your sale – think special guests, music, entertainment and free giveaways. 

And fear not, if things change, you can edit your sale at any time, simply by logging in to your Garage Sale Trail account.

I can’t host a sale at home. Can I still be involved?

Sure thing. Many areas have group sales you can join as a stallholder, and bring along a suitcase / table / car load of stuff to sell. 

Can I sell food at my sale?

We love a good feed here at Garage Sale Trail and there is almost nothing better than enjoying a freshly baked scone with your newly purchased pre-loved jumpsuit / dog figurine / handbag. But if you’re planning on selling food, you’ll need to have the necessary food hygiene and safety certificates so speak to your local council if that’s what you have planned.

Looking for a cheeky workaround?  Offer food for free instead and consider turning your home baking into a money-making incentive e.g. one free cake with every purchase over $5. 

IS MY council participating and why does that matter anyway?

Your local council is where the Garage Sale Trail magic starts! Over 140 councils and regional waste groups around the country make Garage Sale Trail possible. Find out if your council is one of them and be sure to say thanks. Garage Sale Trail couldn’t happen without them.

If your council is not involved, you’d better get in quick as we only have a maximum of 10 garage sale spots available in these areas, and they fill up fast. 

What happens if I don’t sell everything?

Experience tells us that while a garage sale is a great way to shift lots of things you no longer need or want, you will have some stuff still left over at the end. To help we'll match you local organisations and ways to make sure any stuff you don't sell lives on to do good.

And remember, leaving items on your street or outside a charity donation point after the Garage Sale Trail, or at any time, is illegal and seriously uncool. It makes an eyesore of our beautiful communities and costs charities millions each year in clean up fees.

Who organises Garage Sale Trail?

Garage Sale Trail is run by Australian not for profit social enterprise, Garage Sale Trail Foundation, in partnership with the councils of Australia.

If you’re still searching for the answer, contact us and we’ll be back in touch in a jiffy.