Australia's festival of pre-loved stuff

Three big weekends in November

Be part of a Trail Tutorial online masterclass on 6-7 Nov.

Sell or shop at garage sales online on 13-14 & 20-21 November. You'll divert valuable resources from landfill and make or save money in the process. It's free to register and we provide all the tips, support and promotional materials you need to be successful and stay safe.

Register a sale

Choose to reuse

Almost half (45%) of all global CO2e emissions come from making, consuming and disposing of stuff, meaning how we choose to consume and use things can have a big impact in the fight against climate change.

By buying or selling your stuff at a garage sale and choosing to reuse, you not only make or save money, but also keep items circulating and in use for longer reducing your carbon, waste and water footprint. It's the circular economy in action!

There are no sales in Brimbank Council yet, be a trailblazer and register the first sale.



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