Why take part in Garage Sale Trail?

Garage Sale Trail is Australia’s festival of pre-loved stuff. But why should you participate? And if you do, how can you make the most of your efforts? We are here to answer all your questions.

What’s so big about this festival?

400,000 Australians sold or shopped at over 14,000 garage sales over two big weekends in 2024. With so many people comes lots of impact, and each year over 3 million kilograms of stuff is sold and saved from landfill.

The festival attracts lots of media coverage and is promoted by more than 80 councils around Australia. This gets heaps of people to the website to help promote and share your sale. It's a normal garage sale, but bigger, better, more connected and with heaps more support.

How can I make my sale red hot?

Like anything, a great name and lots of character are sure fire ways to make sure your sale stands out. Think of it like a dating App, but for garage sales...You want to put your best sale self forward, right?

Get creative and make sure your buyers will be swiping right on your sale by sharing what you’re got going on - think special guests, music, entertainment and free giveaways. Yep, that’s the sort of milkshake that will bring ALL the people to the yard.

And if your milkshake sells out before the sale or things change, you can edit your sale at any time. Most garage sales run from 9am – 2pm which makes it a great time to set yours up too. Boom, that's a match.

Ok, what you going to give me for it?

Well, we’ll make it easy by providing tools and tips. You’ll get:

🎩 Tips, tricks and free promo materials - once you've signed up you'll get a bunch of free promo materials, from posters to bunting, letterbox slips and more, as well as access to tips, tricks and support via email and a dedicated Facebook support group.

💰 Touch-free payments - sellers with a PayPal account can accept touch-free payments using QR codes in the PayPal app (apple | android) without needing to exchange cash or payment information. Winner winner chicken dinner.

Setting up your garage sale listing takes less than five minutes, but a good garage sale will live on in the memories of your neighbours for like forever. So, in the immortal words of Nickelback, what are you waiting for?

Registrations for Garage Sale Trail open in Spring 2024. Join the wait list for exclusive early bird access.