Help Bring Garage Sale Trail to your Area

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Thanks for your interest in the reuse revolution and joining around 400,000 Australians to be part of the world's biggest Garage Sale.

Unfortunately, your local council does not participate in the Garage Sale Trail yet. But all is not lost.....

Help us contact your council so we can let them know there are lots of awesome people like you looking to host a sale and make a big impact on the community. Please fill out this 30 second anonymous survey.

Are you registering a group sale?

Group Sales can't be registered in non-participating areas, but we do accept a limited number of individual sales. You can still ask others to join your sale, you just won't be able to set it up through our website. If you'd like to register your sale as an individual sale, click here to register and select individual sale.

Are you registering an individual sale?

If you've tried to register an individual sale and couldn't, your local area may have already reached the maximum number of sales. We'd love to let your council know how many people are interested in the event to try and get them on board next year, so please fill out this 30 second survey.