Host a virtual garage sale

As 90’s Brit band Chumbawamba once prophetically said “I get locked down, but I get up again”, or something like that. Yep, 2021 has been a weird ride, but here’s some good news… 

You can be part of Garage Sale Trail irrespective of the Covid-19 restrictions where you are, with a bunch of new ways to get involved online from virtual garage sales to Trail Tutorial online masterclasses.  

But what I hear you ask is a virtual garage sale? We got you covered babe, so read on.

What is a virtual garage sale?

It’s an online garage sale. 

Fast forward to
13-14 & 20-21 November (that’s the Garage Sale Trail weekends) and there will be hundreds of people all across Australia hosting garage sales on the world wide web all at the same time on their social media platforms (and in some cases online marketplaces too).  

Shoppers will search the Garage Sale Trail site to find online garage sales and can build a schedule of the ones they want to tune into over the two weekends. Basically it’s a bit like Black Friday but for pre-loved treasure.

Sellers choose whichever social media channel they like best and can pick whether they livestream, or list items for sale via their feed or stories. If socials are not your thang, you can link to an online marketplace or another website and simply take advantage of the 2 million+ eyeballs that tune in to the Garage Sale Trail website in November. Register a virtual garage sale.

Option 1: live stream your garage sale

Example from @hawkeyevintage

Broadcast your garage sale live from home using Instagram, Facebook, TikTok or YouTube. Think of it like your very own TV shopping channel, with you as the host and (let’s be honest) even better because it’s all about your pre-loved stuff.

You can interact with your audience in real time, and show off the items you have for sale in a more personal way. Buyers then just slide into your DM’s to purchase - this is made easier if you have a buddy in the house who can reply to messages and track which items sell in real time while you woo the audience on camera.

Channels to use
: Instagram, Facebook, TikTok or YouTube. You could even use virtual hang out spaces more usually reserved for work things like Zoom, Google Meets or Teams.

Best for: Natural Entertainers 

Get inspired by: @HawkeyeVintage

Read the how to live stream your garage sale article in our blog for more.

Option 2: host a sale in your social media feed

Example from @zazavintagestore

Post your items for sale in your social media feed (Instagram works best). Simples.

Photograph your items ahead of time and then upload them to your feed on sale day. This is a great option for those who aren’t super confident on camera, or who are crunched for time and want to draft their listings in advance. To buy people then just scroll through your feed and comment ‘sold’ on the post purchase. First in best dressed. This method is tried, tested and dependable, and gives you the chance to curate your feed.

Channels to use
: Instagram or Facebook 

Best for: Fans Of A Classic 

Get inspired by: @Zazavintagestore 

Read the
how to host a feed sale in the blog for more.

Option 3: host a sale in your Stories

Example from @ohlucette

Like a feed sale, a story sale allows you to photograph your items ahead of time and do all the prep work in advance. Then all you have to do is simply upload those photos to your Instagram or Facebook stories on your event day.

With a quick message people can then purchase your goods, and your items can stay up for 24hrs to give everyone a short window to shop. You still get to interact with people in real time as they’re reaching directly into your DMs and create an exclusive shopping experience, all whilst having the chance to do the prep work ahead of time. It could be considered the best of both a live sale & feed sale.

Channels to use
: Instagram or Facebook 

Best for: Sociable & Manageable 

Get inspired by: @ohlucette

Read the how to host a Story sale article in the blog for more.

Option 4: Link to an online marketplace or other website

If social media is not your thing, you can link your virtual garage sale listing to an online store or marketplace such as eBay, Poshmark, Depop or the Aussie made Rosella Street. It's an environmentally driven marketplace that plants a tree for every sale. Pretty cool, huh?

You still get to be part of all the action, get a bunch of free promotional bits when you register and can take advantage of the web traffic the Garage Sale Trail website gets over the two big weekends.

Read the blog on how to host a virtual sale without social media for more.

Why do it as a part of the Garage Sale Trail?

Be part of a community of over 250,000 Australians as more than 3 million items are set free from cupboards, sheds and garages across the nation on 13-14 & 20-21 November.

We’ll make it easier by providing tools and tips. You’ll get access to free promotional materials and we’ll make sure you aren’t going it alone.

You get:

✨ Your own personalised sale listing on our website, providing you with a unique URL that you can then share to direct people to your sale and promote what’s for sale.

✨ Access to 2 million+ eyeballs thanks to a national media campaign and promotion by your council. This means more eyes on your sale and a wider net of shoppers looking for treasure to buy.

✨ Free tips and support to make your sale a success - ranging from how tos, garage sale success tips, downloadable promotional materials and more.

Ready to take the next step?

Setting up your virtual garage sale listing takes less than five minutes and you can update it at any time should things change. Register a virtual garage sale