Watts Permaculture

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Watts Permaculture
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51 Carr St, Geelong VIC 3220, Australia
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    Goshen Watts

  • What's Happening

    We're offering locally grown produce, plants and seedlings of many types, and various other plants and garden goodies. All produced in Belmont, from an urban permaculture system. Produced with Care of the Earth, Care of People and Fair-Share as guiding ethics.

  • What's for Sale

    - Herb and Veg boxes - Plants - edible and ornamental - Veg Seedlings - Seed packets - Home made seed-raising mix & worm juice We are accepting Credit Cards and PayPal on the day!

    • Craft & Handmade
    • Garden & Tools

Featured items

Potted Plants & Seedlings

Various prices - Large selection of edible and useful plants. - Succulents and other ornamental plants going cheap ($2-$3). - Quality small edible plants:...

Seed Packets

OR 3 for $5. Budget, fresh and locally saved seeds. Grow your own: - Basil - sweet - Coriander - Chervil - Cherry Tomato - Cucumber - Leb Mini Muncher -...

Veg boxes

A few cheap veg boxes will be available on the day, and include a selection of herbs, greens, in-season veg. All organically grown in Belmont.