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Love Your Neighbour -  Worldwide.
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600/592 Milne Rd, Banksia Park SA 5091, Australia
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    Raelene Watts

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    Community Group

  • What's Happening

    This is a combined Charity shared between Tea Tree Gully Uniting Church and Sharing with Compassion Inc. The Tea Tree Gully Uniting Church is raising money for the mission outreach for the coming year. This will include supporting local needs and also the needs of Sudanese students in Uganda and Sudan. Sharing with Compassion Inc. is an organisation which is supporting students in Uganda. The project for this year is to build a Primary School in an isolated rural village in the Wakiso district. The items for sale are donated by community members, making this sale a broad community function

  • What's for Sale

    'Everything but the kitchen sink' - and you never know, there may even be a kitchen sink!! Items range from the smallest piece of jewellery, to large pieces of furniture - from delicious locally made food, to potted garden plants.

    • Books & Zines
    • Electronics & Tech
    • Furniture
    • Games
    • Homewares
    • Music & Instruments
    • Kids & Toys
    • Garden & Tools
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