Maximise your garage sale takings

The more sales you make at your garage sale, the more items are reused, the more fun you have and the more money you make for you, your family or your cause.

To help you maximise the moolah you make at your garage sale we've teamed up with the good folk at Square, the mobile payments company, to bring you a selection of top ways to boost your takings:


Get transaction ready!

Make sure you don’t have to turn any potential sellers away because of a lack of cash, or small change.

Sign up with Square now for an easy and affordable way to take credit and debit card payments on the day. No need to go to the bank or sign nasty lock-in contracts, and forget about finding those pesky hidden fees. With Square you'll only pay for what you use - and in a special deal for you Garage Sale Trailers, you'll also receive free processing on your first $500 of sales. Neat!

You'll probably also want to make sure you’ve got some loose change on day and may even want to don a bum bag. What they lack in attractiveness, they make up for in utility during a busy sale.


Square Transaction

Look sharp

Your display is a huge factor in your sale’s success.  Make sure your best items are out front, and that there is enough space given to your items to show off as much as possible.  Need inpso? We have some winning display tips.

Make sure you’re looking out for potential buyers and looking approachable. Make it obvious you’re running the show.  That will encourage potential buyers to ask questions and enquiries can lead to more sales!


Bundle up

Shoppers can get very excited about a 2 for the price of 1 deal or a bundle of themed items like baby clothes.

Other bundling ideas can include lucky dips and fill a bag for $5.


Have a flash sale

Have some discount signs at the ready that you can put up and take down through the day when you might need a little boost to attract shoppers.  50% off everything could be a winner!


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