How to Garage Sale Trail at your school 

Garage Sale Trail can be the perfect big ticket fundraiser for your school, as it delivers so much more that just a fundraising opportunity.  It's also an opportunity to get kids actively participating in reuse and waste reduction, while strengthening the school and local community. It's heaps of fun to boot.  A whopping  93% of the sellers and shoppers who took part last year said they'd do it again - that's saying something!

One school that really made the most of the event in 2017 was Marrickville West Public School.  They raised a whopping $1500 for their P&C and families who sold their secondhand treasures on the day made themselves some handy cash. The event also welcomed the wider community to join the event.  They spread the word to over 44,000 people in their wider network by using the super-easy Garage Sale Trail resources. Check out their Garage Sale success story.

Marrickville West public school

We make it really easy for you to make your event a success, as the event generates loads of media across the country and we provide a website so that all those potential shoppers can easily find your sale. We also provide  a stash of promotional goodies for you to help you promote your sale in your community, and make each stall look utterly enticing.


There are so many ways to use Garage Sale Trail as a vehicle to raise funds for the school community, including;

  • Charging stallholders to have a stall 
  • Inviting stallholders to donate their sales proceeds to the school
  • Inviting local businesses like coffee carts to come to the event for a fee
  • Featuring fund raising activities like face painting


    Step 1 - Register 

    Garage Sale Trail 2018 will be happening over the weekend of October 20-21, 2018.  Registrations open in August.  We'll provide you with all sorts of digital goodies like posters, price tags and bunting to help you be successful.  Get a head start and sign up for reminders on the Garage Sale Trail website, and we'll let you know as soon as you can register your sale.

    Step 2 - Make your sale page sing!  Add a cover image and all the details of your day, including what you're fundraising for and transport tips. Each stall can have their own page featured on your sale page, too! Check out how Marrickville West customised their sale page;

    Marrickville West Sale Page

    Step 3 - Share 

    Post on your usual social media channels - we recommend sharing your sale and least once a week until sale day, and getting your stallholders to do the same. There's a one-click share button on your sale page to make it easy.

    Step 4 - Posters and letterbox slips

    Download and print the poster and letterbox slips we provide and get the word out on the streets!


    Come to my garage sale flyer

    Step 5 - Make your sale a bit spesh

    Make your sale the best on the block! Choose a theme, get the music right and get creative with your set-up.  We've seen sellers playing the banjo, giving out free hugs with every purchase and even listing their grandpas up for grabs! More fundraising opportunities can be had by inviting local businesses like coffee or ice cream carts to join your event - the possibilities are endless.  For more set-up inspo, we've pulled together some display ideas for you.



    If you're keen to get your school on the Trail, but feel you need a wee bit more info, get in touch and we'll get right back to you.