Erin Rhodes

Her project The Rogue Ginger, is one of Australia's popular eco lifestyle websites. Erin's mission is to live a zero-waste lifestyle, meanwhile finding joy in the simple things in life and saving money.

Kyal and Kara

Reuse advocates Kyal and Kara, known best from their work on The Block, use secondhand resources to remodel homes. Their amazing upcycling projects are an inspiration.

Vicky Weatherlake

What started as a passion for op-shopping in her spare time, developed into a community for conscious bargain hunters with I Love to Op shop, where she promotes the eco benefits of putting secondhand first.

Sally Flower (Konmari consultant)

Australia’s first KonMari consultant, founder of Home Sanctuary and a Garage Sale Trail ambassador. Sally has a love for the environment and helping families to consider their purchases, making sure that it all has a purpose.

James Gulliver Hancock

We’ve joined forces with James Gulliver Hancock to construct a world of weird and wonderful characters on their journey through the Garage Sale Trail. It all stemmed from an obsession with drawing things, if you can think of it, he’s probably illustrated it!

Jeff McCann

Trash to treasure extraordinaire, turning what was seemingly rubbish into renewed fashionable items. Jeff McCann pieces are inspired by his child-like sense of wonder, rituals, fashion and splashes of colour which you can see @JeffMcCann

Kate Hannah


As a strong advocate for reuse she makes her pieces using secondhand clothing and recycled textiles. With her own locally manufactured, ethical and sustainable fashion label, P-Junk.

Claire Goldsworthy

The Fashion Advocate, tells the journeys of movers and shakers in sustainability and ethical fashion and lifestyle. Claire is hosting a sale in collaboration with some of Melbourne's hottest fashion bloggers and stylists. Melbournite Fashionistas - don't miss out.

Adam Axford

EnvironMENTALIST & Magician, Adam Axford uses magic tricks and sleight of hand to tell the narrative of sustainability. As a The Garage Sale Trail ambassador, he has made a series of videos on waste education.

Damon Gameau

Damon Gameau director and producer of 2040. He is very passionate about finding solutions to many of our ecological dilemmas. Posting this video to bring awareness to the Garage Sale Trail in 2019.

Sarah Jane Adams

Sarah Jane at @mywrinklesaremystripes has a special interest in sustainable living. Here she is looking stunning in one of Kate Hannah's upcylced Garage Sale Trail Blazers, advocating putting secondhand first.

Jo Tarranto

The Co-founder of Good for the Hood an initiative about reducing waste in our neighbourhoods. Jo is a super mum on a mission to reduce waste and create a sustainable future for the next generation.