Using Garage Sale Trail Tools

You've registered your sale on the Trail, so now you can sit back and watch the money roll in right? Not quite! There are just a few simple steps to take to turn your clutter into cash and we've created some tools to help you do just that!

Pimp your sale page

Add an eye-popping image and choose a title for your sale listing that grabs people’s attention. Some of our faves from years gone by include: Honey, I sold the kids, The not enough room to swing a cat sale and (cue Lionel Ritchie singing voice) HELLO. Is it a bargain you’re looking for? Log into your seller dashboard to update your sale page or check out more great sale names.

Entice shoppers to view your sale page with an eye-catching cover image, a creative sale name and photos of feature items. Log in to your seller dashboard to make the magic happen!


Sale ExampleSale Example

Login to your dashboard


Share your sale -  often!

Share your sale on social media including your local suburb or town as a hashtag so it’s easy for people in your area to find out about your sale. We recommend posting at least once a week in the lead up to sale day. Let your neighbours know about your sale too by posting on Nabo. For more tips and tricks, check out our social tips for success.

Social Media Tile


Print posters and decorations

Get your free posters and flyers to download and print by logging in to your seller dashboard, or make your own and put them up around your local area.  Don't forget to take them down after your sale!

You can also get hold of beautiful bunting, and swish swing tags.


DIY message poster