Tips from a pre-loved shopping pro



With thanks to our Ambassador, Hannah Klose, Founder of Never Ever Pay Retail, here are the top tips for bagging the best bargains on Garage Sale Trail Weekend!


It's all in the preparation

Stake out the garage sales with the items you're after and have a game plan before the big day. You can create your own Garage Sale Treasure Trail or check out the featured Sales.



Image of Hannah in her Sportscraft shirt that she bagged for $2 during the 2016 Garage Sale Trail

Leave no stone unturned

Always look at everything and don't be afraid to get your hands dirty and rummage! 


Have an agenda

Have an agenda of what you're looking for but also keep an open never know what little surprises you'll find along the way. 



Image of Hannah and her favourite Garage Sale Trail find - her brown, leather satchel for $2 during the 2016 Garage Sale Trail.

Cash is king

Be sure to raid the piggy bank before you go!  


Practice your haggle at home beforehand.

Always start lower than what you'd expect to pay and then increase your offer in small increments. It helps to know the secondhand market value of what you're buying so check out eBay for ballpark figures.


Image of Hannah in her stylish, $4 Sussan trench she found during the 2016 Garage Sale Trail

Treat it like a treasure hunt and have some fun!

Check out Hannah's top sales for pre-loved fashion happening in Brisbane this Garage Sale Trail. 


For more tips and tricks to secondhand shopping, head to Hannah Klose's blog.