Secondhand Shopping Checklist

To nab the best bargains over the Garage Sale Trail weekend, you won't want to leave the house before you tick the boxes on this checklist! We've learnt that being prepared for your treasure hunt is key.




Chose your target neighbourhood? Check.

Start searching for sales in your area here. You can search by sale type and item categories by adding filters to your search. 

Stay tuned for curated Treasure Trails we will be putting together for the big weekend! 


Mapped your shopping route? Check.

Plan your day and create a Treasure Trail! 

You can use your Treasure Trail to invite friends to join you on social media, navigate around your area using the map on your phone or print a simple list to take with you. To get started, search sales in your area and click the ‘Add to Treasure Trail’ button on any sale you like. 

Find out more about planning your day here.


Got your shopping gear ready to go? Check.


1. Lots of cash (notes & coins)

2. Wear or carry something with lots of pockets 

3. Your wishlist 

4. Shopping for furniture? Have the dimensions ready and a tape measure

5. Large reusable mesh tote, or foldable shopping trolley

6. Small notepad and pen

7. Reusable water bottle

8. Fully charged phone

9. Snack for some fuel along the way

10. Friends to shop the Trail with you

11. Sunscreen, and maybe a hat if you fancy one.


If you ticked all the boxes you are Garage Sale Trail ready! 

For more on-the-day secondhand shopping tips, check out Ambassador Hannah Klose's expert tips here.