Turn your Retro Tech into cashola

Tech commentator & Garage Sale Trail Ambassador, Trevor Long, shares some excellent tips on making the most of all those left over gadgets, gizmos and iPhone 3’s floating around the back of your drawers.  Whether you sell on Garage Sale Trail day or on eBay, your pre-loved items could be making you a pretty penny!


What is it worth?

For some inspiration, check out this list of retro tech and how much it is going for on eBay on average every day – you might be surprised.

  • iPod (first generation) $ 197
  • Atari consoles $41
  • Nintendo game boys $92
  • Turntables $105
  • Polaroid cameras $63
  • Film and vintage cameras $107 (more than 2,600 sold every month)
  • Super Nintendo consoles $64 (more than 1,700 sold every month)
  • Sega Master System $40
  • VCR $39 (but likely to increase as the last ever machine was produced in China this month!)
  • Some Disney VHS tapes sell for up to $20,000
  • Walkmans $29 (253 sold every month)
  • Discmans $62 (170 sold each month)
  • Mini Disc Players $87 (57 sold per month)
  • Ghetto blasters around $184 (56 sold per month)


Trevor Long

Trevor Long

Trevor is a Technology Commentator & Speaker about all things tech on Radio 2UE, A Current Affair, The Today Show, podcast Your Tech Life and website EFTM.


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