Meet your neighbours


Getting to know your neighbours doesn't just create a happy, connected community, it's good for your health too! Connected communities are the happiest, healthiest and bounce back better when bad stuff happens.  And as that most famous of Australian soap operas reminds us (ear worm warming) "everybody needs good neighbours". 

But not all of us are lucky enough to live on Ramsay Street.  And it's not always easy to make that first step. 

This October, you have the perfect excuse to get to know your neighbours a little more by joining the nationwide Garage Sale Trail, or by signing up for Nabo - the private, social network for your suburb.


Garage Sale Trail

The Garage Sale Trail weekend helps people to get to know their neighbours, schools, and local community groups.   What could be better that enjoying a cuppa (or a cold one) as you discuss that Bowie album you're finally decided to part with?  This October, you can join over 350,000 fellow Australians as part of the nation’s biggest weekend of garage sales. 

Last year, sellers and shoppers who joined the Trail met an average of 44 new local people on the day. Now a weekend, our goal for 2017 is to see even more community connections forged across Australia!

Be a part of it and help your community grow to be a happy and healthy community.  It's free and everyone gets involved from households to schools, local charities, community groups and retirement villages. Register a sale 


Community Planting

Our fabulous community-minded partners Nabo, Australian Men's Shed Association and Houzz are all experts in building strong communities, online and on the ground. Find out more about our partners and why we're stoked to have them on the Trail! 


Over 250,000 Australians are using Nabo to connect with their neighbours and share recommendations, favourite cafes and plan neighbourhood events. Nabo gives members the chance to interact in the safety of their living room, before taking the leap in real life. 

So why not break the ice right now and use Nabo to get your whole street on the Trail?  Now could just be the perfect time to organise that street party (ahem sale) you always wanted.

Find out more about Nabo and how you can get the best out of your local community.  


Australian Men’s Shed Association

With nearly 1,000 Men’s Sheds across Australia, the Australian Men’s Shed Association is recognised as one of the largest male based community development organisations. As our community partner, the Australian Men’s Shed Association will be supporting Sheds across the country to host sales as part of the nationwide Garage Sale Trail.  Pop along to find out more about your local Shed and pick up some awesome hand made items at the same time.

Join a shed near you, or a search for a Men’s shed sale happening in your local area.

Gympie Men's Shed



Houzz brings together homeowners and home professionals through a savvy visual platform, where their community can work on home renovations and design projects. 

The Houzz community has pulled together the many ways to nurture a happy and harmonious neighbourhood, check out their tips here.

Inspired by home renovations and designing? Join the Houzz community here.