Meet our Reuse Partner, eBay


Image of Laurent


We asked C2C Partnerships Manager, Laurent Jaubert, about his experiences with garage sales and what eBay is looking forward to with this year's Garage Sale Trail.

Why are eBay excited to be involved in Garage Sale Trail this year?

eBay has have been connecting buyers and sellers in unique and interesting ways for 18 years now in Australia. Garage Sale is a really fun extension of this! We are thrilled to partner with Garage Sale Trail for the second year, sharing our tips for buyers to find the perfect gem and for sellers to get set for successful sales!

At the end of the day, Garage Sale Trail is powering reusing and recycling amongst communities themselves. It’s a bit like eBay, but on the ground!


What is your role at eBay?

I am responsible for Partnerships and Innovation for our Private Sellers and Buyers, looking at making it as easy and smooth as possible for sellers to clear out their unwanted goods and for buyers to easily find unique gems and bargains from other private sellers.


Best thing you have bought at a garage sale:

No later than a month ago while strolling in Sydney, I stumbled upon an awesome vinyl turntable, which was perfect timing since I just started building up my collection. 


Dream garage band:

My dream garage band would definitely not include me, I’m terrible at singing or playing music. I do enjoy live music a lot though, and I’m sure  Kylie Minogue and The Bee Gees would make an awesome Classic Aussie Garage Band.


Whose garage sale you'd most like to attend?

I can’t wait to see what my suburb (Paddington, NSW) has to offer, and  it will also be a great opportunity to connect with neighbours since I recently moved there. I am also looking forward to exploring the surrounding areas hunting for real treasures.


This year eBay are offering Garage Sale Trail sellers the opportunity to sell their next item online for FREE meaning you can reuse even more stuff & make some pocket money too!   Bagsy your free listing here