Kick-start your decluttering

This year, Garage Sale Trail has teamed up with the Kings of Storage, Moving and More, Storage King and Eco Organiser®  Tanya Lewis, to bring you a host of decluttering tips that will free your mind and get you garage sale ready!

Tanya Lewis Stuff Off

To kick things off, Tanya recommends answering just 10 simple questions to help you see life beyond the clutter and rid your life of unwanted and unnecessary stuff!


Get prepared and take some time

  • Don’t be tempted to ask a friend for help -  you may find you end up dumping things you really love and holding onto things you would rather let go.
  • Don’t rush it, allow yourself time to answer these questions, and give yourself permission to daydream and paint a picture of life beyond the clutter.
  • Be really honest about what you want, not what others think you should hold onto and what you should let go.

Now, grab a pen and paper ( or your laptop) and answer these questions. Be brave and write the first thing that pops into your mind, they are usually the most honest.


Ask yourself;

1. What area/space do I want to transform?

2. What will my space or life look like without clutter?

3. What will I use this new space for?

4. What will I do in my decluttered life?

5. What was my OMG! moment that made it easy to let go?

6. How will I spend a decluttered day?

7. How will I maintain my beautiful new space?

8. When will I start?

9. When will I finish?

10. How will I reward myself when I finish?


FIve tips guaranteed to help you rid your life of clutter

  • Only organise one space at a time
  • Get some boxes at the ready - one for stuff to keep, one for stuff to sell at your garage sale and one for stuff to recycle
  • Take before and after photos
  • Reward your efforts
  • For stuff you can't bear to part with, consider hiring storage space.  Your local experts in storage, moving and more, Storage King can help you figure out how much space you need

Tanya Lewis' Stuff Off! , full of practical tips to beat clutter is available now.