Kate Anderson, fashion designer - Garage Sale Trail Ambassador


Why are you excited to be a Garage Sale Trail ambassador?

What’s not to be excited about!! It's a day of shopping all whilst doing the right thing for the environment. I might even make new friends along the way if I’m lucky.


What’s the best thing about garage sales? 

The unexpected. You just never ever know what you’re going to come across next!


What’s the best thing you’ve ever bought at a garage sale?

Has to be my John Farnham T-shirt



What would be your dream garage sale find?

Another John Farnham T-shirt to add to my collection? OR some vintage glass wear!

If you could convert your garage into anything at all, what would it be?

A gym I think, so I would have no excuses to not work out in Winter!


Whose second hand shoes would you most like to walk in?

Iris Apfel 


What’s your best tip for ‘garage sale etiquette?’

Manners. Please and Thank you’s go a very long way!


What’s your top sustainability tip?

Well in a fashion sense, it's mixing and matching. Mix a bit of old with new. It creates not only a cool look but means were utilising the great fashion pieces that already exist!


Check out the amazing threads that Kate designs at www.soitgoesthelabel.com.au


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