Jo Walker, Editor-In-Chief frankie magazine - Garage Sale Trail Ambassador

Jo Walker Frankie
We asked the ever talented Jo Walker, editor-in-chief of frankie press, about her love of all things Garage Sale (coincidentally this has a large cross-over with her love of Josh Homme). Enjoy!

What’s your name and where are you from?

Jo Walker – I’m the editor-in-chief of frankie press. We make frankie magazine, Smith Journal, SPACES and all the extra frankie odds and sods: diaries, calendars, craft books, etc.


Why are you excited to be a Garage Sale Trail ambassador?

Because I am a trashy human being! I love finding a bargain and re-using other people’s old stuff. Anything that encourages re-use and recycling is A-OK to me.


What’s the best thing about garage sales? 

As a seller: getting rid of extra stuff you don’t need (never be called a hoarder again!) and making some extra cashola. Also – this is one of the few times in life you get to wear a bum bag in public. Embrace that. As a buyer: sticky-beaking at your neighbours’ things, bagging a bargain, finding lovely vintage bits and bobs you probably wouldn’t find anywhere else.


What’s the best thing you’ve ever bought at a garage sale?

A 1970s-era sewing machine for 12 bucks. I’ve had it for years and it’s never broken down or given me any grief.


What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen for sale at a garage sale?

Boxes of mannequin arms. Like something from a horror movie.


What would be your dream garage sale find?

A life-size cardboard cut-out of Josh Homme.


Who would be in your dream garage band?

Haha – also Josh Homme? With Jarvis Cocker. And a reincarnated John Bonham on drums. Everyone in my band has to have a name starting with J. DJ Jazzy Jeff can open for us at gigs.


What’s the most treasured possession in your garage? 

I don’t have a garage! But I have a spare room – my most treasured possession in there is a black and white photo from high school showing the staff of our school magazine.


Whose second hand shoes would you most like to walk in?

Vivienne Westwood’s – both literally and metaphorically. I find her massively inspiring in terms of style, aesthetic, and the very punk notion of mend-and-make-do. She really stands up for what she believes in, and is a brilliant eco warrior. 


What’s your best tip for ‘garage sale etiquette?’

Stay polite and friendly. Especially when haggling over price. Remember that your life probably won’t end if you have to pay an extra $2 for that set of Babysitter’s Club books.


What’s your top sustainability tip?

Basically, we all need to buy less crap, so really, really think before you buy. Think hard about how this item would look in your home or your wardrobe; how it will function. Do you really need it? Is it beautiful and awesome, or is it just OK and 'meh'? With clothes, I won’t buy something unless I can see it working with at least 3 other things in my wardrobe. And with furniture etc, always take a tape measure with you so you know for sure things will fit and work. There's no point buying something for cheap if you're not actually going to get use out of it.