Garage Sale Trail 2017 - It's a Wrap!

Opera Australia


What a weekend! Garage Sale Trail 2017 was a smashing success and we couldn't have done it without our amazing councils, partners, friends of the Trail and all our Trailblazers who shopped or sold over the weekend.

Here are some of the impacts we saw from this year's campaign. 




This year's Garage Sale Trail weekend had some pretty incredible turnouts. Some of our favourites...


Opera Australia Costume Garage Sale

With queues rounding the streets of Sydney, Opera Australia sold out of all their costumes after the first day. Talk about a costume clearout!

Opera Australia


Anya Brock's Art Collection sale

Australian Artist, Anya Brock got on the Trail this year and the streets of Fremantle, WA were filled with people carrying her artworks.

Anya Brock


Hidden Laneway Sale

The Garage Sale Trail team started their Trailblazing in Newtown at  at the Hidden Laneway Sale, where co-founder, Andrew Valder, was featured on Sunrise!


To catch up on the Garage Sale Trail weekend, check out the #garagesaletrail feed here


Garage Sale Trail photos from the weekend


Garage Sale Trail 2017