Every year the average Australian family produces enough waste to fill a 3 bedroom home

3 bedroom house

Australia has a waste problem. The rate of growth of waste we churn out has grown six times faster than the population. Eek!

But you don’t have to stop buying nice things and you can do something about it. That’s where Garage Sale Trail comes in. The simple act of hosting or shopping at a garage sale on one day does a lot more than making a few bucks or discovering a bargain. 

Garage Sale Trail is about creating a national movement to encourage us all to consider what we use, what we can reuse and the impact we all make on the planet. 

Last year 2.8 million pre-loved items were listed for sale on the Garage Sale Trail. That’s a lot of clothes, furniture, music and books that could have ended up in landfill. 

On Saturday October 22 there'll be over 10 000 garage sales nationally where collectively we practise the art of reuse. 

350 000 Australians will take part  and we’re proud that three-quarters of people who take part in Garage Sale Trail feel differently about the role they can play in reducing waste after being involved. 

Hosting a sale or taking friends to shop on the Trail has a direct impact and is a small step in the right direction. Its only a small step but a lot of small steps by a lot of people make a difference. 

Not bad at all for a day of haggling on the lawn (or pavement)!