The day of your garage sale - checklist

Getting ready for the big day/s can be a bit overwhelming. Our garage sale-ing experience has taught us a thing or two about what you should have ready on the day. 

Follow this checklist and you will be Garage Sale Trail ready in no time!



Last minute check

Make sure;

  • Your signs are up!
  • Price tags are on your items. You can download the price tags in the image below from your Seller Dashboard
  • Everyone you know knows that your sale is on. Share your sale one last time on social media via your dashboard and use the hashtags #garagesaletrail and #choosetoreuse on your posts
  • You've got a way to take card payments, or enough loose change and something that makes it easy to get to (even if you have to dust off a bum bag).  
  • There is someone you can get to mind your stall if you need to take a quick break



Your essential Garage Sale Trail toolkit

These goodies will save you from potential garage sale stress, so pack them in a box or bag where you can get to them easily and you'll be good to go!

  • Sticky tape
  • Scissors
  • Black permanent marker
  • Bottle of water
  • A snack or two to keep you going 
  • Boxes and bags for shoppers to put their goodies in -  If you need boxes, get 20% off all boxes and packing materials at Storage King. Download your Voucher here. 
  • Some cardboard to make spare signs and price tags
  • Change and lots of it!
  • Good vibes!

Garage Sale


During your sale

Last-minute prep

Get your decorations up, and your tables out

Be prepared for early birds hovering about, so keep your stuff for sale until the last minute, and make sure anything you don't want to sell is well hidden!

Get some tunes on to get the party vibe going!

Garage Sale


The morning rush

Mornings are often peak time for garage sale shoppers, so get ready before your start time so you're ready to greet those eager shoppers! Check out these display tips. 

Make sure your sale catches the eye of potential shoppers who might be going past on a bike or in a car.

Keep your sale looking busy and fun.  Invite your friends around for a browse and a chat, but make sure you don't get distracted from potential buyers who might want to ask you a question.

Garage Sale


When you get a chance...

Make sure your garage sale signs are still up!

Tidy your tables to make sure none of your goodies are hidden away or too hard for a shopper to get hold of. Keep your sale looking as well-stocked as possible by spacing things out evenly, rather than leaving areas bare.

Tidy any decorations you might have up.

Enjoy getting the chance to have a conversation with a neighbour!

Garage Sale


The last couple of hours

If you've got more items left than you'd planned after lunch, it might be time to mix it up a bit.  You could try discounting across all items by whipping up some 50% off everything signs, or you might want to offer shoppers the chance to fill a bag for a fixed price.  That tactic can work especially well for clothes.


For more seller tips, check out our Seller Success Tips page.