Darryl Nichols, Co-Founder

Image of Darryl


What you do at Garage Sale Trail: 

I’m one of the cofounders and chief wranglers


What do you like to do when not contributing to Garage Sale Trail amazingness: 

Get down with my Captains, slide around mountains, ride foam, cook it up, plan adventures, write poems, get back to nature, go camping and just generally hangout with my awesome family. Shoutouts to my little man Cooper Kalani, little lady Jazzy J Teton and my wonderful my wife and soul partner Karbs. 


A memorable experience on the trail: 

I was fortunate to meet MONA founder David Walsh’s wife who is a Garage Sale Trail advocate. They ended up hosting a MONA Garage Sale which was as could imagine was completely out of this world. Mind = blown !


Dream garage band: 

A collab involving members of The JB’s, De La Soul, Jurassic 5 and Bowie would be nice. That said, I’d settle for a Miles Davis x Nina Simone guest set anytime !


Whose garage sale you'd most like to attend: 

Gerry Lopez, Andy Warhol or Blue Note Records would be amazing