Councils: How you can bring Garage Sale Trail to your community

Garage Sale Trail partners with 150 councils to bring the program to communities across Australia. It’s a perfect pairing, thanks to our shared passion for reuse and community building.

We’re proud to say 90% of councils would recommend the program to others, as Garage Sale Trail gets 86% of people who take part thinking about waste and reuse differently, and 50% form meaningful relationships with their local community on the day.

We now work together all year round to spread the word about waste management, but the highlight of the year is the weekend of garage sales.  Garage Sale Trail 2018 will be happening on Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 of October.


What Garage Sale Trail brings to your community

  •  Diversion of useable goods from landfill
  •  Gets residents on the path to sustainable living and encourage them to take responsibility for the waste they generate
  •  Connections between neighbours and the wider community – on average, Garage Sale Trail meet 50 new local people through the event
  •  Generation of positive media about council as well as highlighting reuse in mainstream national and local media
  •  A platform for fundraising - over $1m is raised for charities and community groups each year
  • The chance to be part of a positive nationwide movement

Would you like to have a chat about Garage Sale Trail's potential in your area? Request a call back and we'll be in touch.

Garage Sale Trail Impacts 2017

Garage Sale Trail is easy to deliver

If all that sounds like it must take a lot of work, it does on this side of the fence, but we've got it down to a fine art since 2010.  We'll provide you with all the tools, materials and training you'll need.  We also manage the community of participants who get involved for you. Our council partners tell us that it takes just over two hours a week to make it all happen.

You'll be in good company

With 150 councils participating, you'll gain support and learn from the experiences and expertise of a nationwide network. Check out last year's participating councils.

Every council does their Garage Sale Trail their own unique way.Some councils use the Garage Sale Trail weekend to help residents access affordable goods, others use it as a way to bring local businesses and the community together. Regional councils are even using the Trail to drive tourism. Make it yours!

There have been some very colourful and quirky and all-round fabulous ways that councils have made their Garage Sale Trail memorable. Here are just a few;

Council Examples Slideshow

For case studies, details on how to join a free info session and more, visit our site for council partners, Less Waste More Community.