Ben Peacock



We asked Founder of Republic of Everyone, Ben Peacock, about his garage sale experiences and what he is looking forward to most this Garage Sale Trail 




From where did your love of garage sales originate?

My mum. She loves shopping but hates spending money so she lines up the best sales from the paper and spends Saturday morning hunting bargains. She has a collection of brand new sheet sets, like-new appliances and kid toys second to none that she then passes around as the family needs them. 


What do you do when not searching for pre-loved foamies on the Garage Sale Trail?

I work with the awesome Garage Sale Trail team to help get more people involved and also work with big companies to help them find ways to get involved in environment and community in ways to that are good for business. 


Tell us about a memorable experience on the Trail?

I’ll always have a place in my heart for the first one. We didn’t know what would be happening on the street so we went for a walk with a video camera to find out. My first daughter had just been born so I walked around Bondi all day amazed at the number of people involved - all with a baby stuck to my chest in a Baby Bjorn.

Whose garage sale you'd most like to attend?

Leonardo da Vinci’s 

Dream garage band: 

 All those dearly departed. Prince, Bowie and Gil Scott Heron for one big bone-rattling performance