Barbara Gill, National Partnership Manager

Image of Barbara Gill

What you do at Garage Sale Trail: 

work with the amaaaazing bunch of partners who make up the Garage Sale Trail family, from 140 + councils to state governments and private sector partners 

What you like to do when not contributing to Garage Sale Trail amazingness:

op shopping, retrosweat-ing, cooking and playing mean games of hungry hippos 

A memorable experience on the trail:

well... I got locked in a car park once!  But really my best was unearthing a Jenny Kee original Australiana jumper from a sale in Woollahra 

Dream garage band:

The original and best garage band - Malachi Crunch who hail from Lugarno NSW

Whose garage sale you'd most like to attend:

Twiggy (if only I could squeeze into her clothes...)