Ashley Byers, Social Media & Community Manager

Image of Ashley Byers

What you do at Garage Sale Trail:

I've worn lots of hats at Garage Sale Trail over the last two years, but as of late - All things social media and community engagement

What you like to do when not contributing to Garage Sale Trail amazingness:

I am a BIG fan of enjoying the outdoors on weekends. Cruising around the local markets, cafes, or going for
a coastal walk is my jam. Also have a new found love of trapeze-ing, all thanks to a gift from Garage Sale Trail!

A memorable experience on the trail: 

Getting 2,500 seller packs last year to the post office by suitcase and Ubers was quite a funny experience!

Dream garage band:

Hmm garage band.. maybe The Maine? I always liked them way back when.

Whose garage sale you'd most like to attend:

Matt & Nat, the sustainable handbag legends... who doesn't love a good eco-friendly handbag.