Andrew Valder, Co-Founder


What you do at Garage Sale Trail:

I’m one of two Founders of Garage Sale Trail. I look after a few states and work to get councils and state governments involved in the program as well as help build our credentials in the reuse space. Since we started the whole thing seven odd years ago there is now an amazing team involved who inject their own ideas and energy to bring the initiate to life so my goal is to visit more garage sales! 


What you like to do when not contributing to Garage Sale Trail amazingness:

In no particular order… watching the latest series of Game of Thrones, podcasts I'm currently engrossed in S-Town and Revisionist History, doing my damnedest to hang out with my three daughters and as much cooking as I can more on my wood fire in the backyard.  


A memorable experience on the trail: 

There’s a been more than a few memorable experiences on the Trail. The very first year in Bondi when we walked through the streets with zero expectations and the place was humming blew our minds.We couldn't believe it, the streets were a buzz with chatting and buying and selling stuff. The whole thing was powered by less than the smell of an oily rag. One year I went out to an amazing community sale in Melbourne’s western suburbs and some beautiful old gentlemen from Men's Shed were set up selling the most amazing hand made stuff from old bicycles. They were master craftsmen and you could just see how making stuff and selling it was giving them lots of purpose. Awesome.  But arguably the most memorable experience was when Garage Sale Trail happened in the UK. We went to a tiny village in Yorkshire that was like something out of the old TV show AllCreatures Great & Small. Long haired cows in paddocks with dry stone walls. The local church had been taken over for the day by people having Garage Sales. Bizarrely a big hefty sound system was set up in the church playing punching out some heavy dub reggae. There was also a crew of bell ringers ( yes people who ring church bells) who took us up into the church spire to show us how they rung the bells. They were dressed in Garage SaleTrail t-shirts and took us up into the spire and began to do their thing. It was like going back in time.Looked, smelled and sounded like the 18th century. So crazy. 


Dream garage band:

They’re not all garage bands but hey…QOTSA, Angus Stone, Hummingbirds ( RIP Simon Holmes), Father John Misty, Sunnyboys 


Whose garage sale you'd most like to attend:

The estates of Prince or Bowie. Can you imagine what would be for sale...