Meet our Ambassadors

These talented people are putting their hand up to give you tips and inspiration on leading a more sustainable lifestyle through decluttering, reuse, buying local and connecting communities.

Jo Walker, Editor-In-Chief frankie magazine

"This is one of the few times in life you get to wear a bum bag in public. Embrace that."

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Jo Walker Frankie


Trevor Long, Tech Blogger EFTM

Trevor Long, shares some excellent tips on making the most of all those left over gadgets, gizmos and iPhone 3’s floating around the back of your drawers.

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Trevor Long



"It's a day of shopping all whilst doing the right thing for the environment. I might even make new friends along the way if I’m lucky."

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Paul West, Host River Cottage Australia

"It makes me feel like a wizard with the magical powers of turning trash into absolute treasure."

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Tammy Logan, Blogger at Gippsland Unwrapped

"It brings me great joy to keep those items in the economy and extend their story."

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Tammy Logan


Chelsea Thomas, Chief Bargain Hunter from I Heart Bargains

"I found some beautiful side tables recently. And the age of them was perfect – I couldn’t have found this antique-look buying them brand new!"

Curated Treasure Trail

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Chelsea Thomas



"You find things you never thought you needed or wanted but who can refuse when the price is right. This is why I have an antique fire extinguisher in my lounge room."

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India Armstrong



"I’m excited to be an ambassador for the Garage Sale Trail to create awareness of the alarming rate in which Australia’s waste is growing"

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Anna Weatherlake



"I love the idea of the Garage Sale Trail as a way for people to clear the clutter from their lives. To let go and start living a simpler life."

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Rebecca Mezzino


Hard Rubbish Café, Preston

"We're pretty passionate about hard rubbish, and the thrift and sustainability elements of Garage Sales."

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Hard Rubbish


Laura Timberlake, Blogger – A Little Boutique Near Home

"I love to help spread the word about alternative shopping methods. Shopping at garage sales, markets and op shops is so much more fun than at retail stores!"

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Laura Timberlake


Tanya Lewis, Eco Organiser

"Removing unwanted stuff creates space for the things you need and want in your life"

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Tanya Lewis