4 Ways to Make Money from a Garage Sale

Get lots of shoppers

The good old law of supply and demand still rings true with a garage sale. The more shoppers you get (and the better those shoppers are), the more of your stuff you’ll sell. Joining a program like the Garage Sale Trail is a great place to start. The event gets national media coverage and there are lots of shoppers out on the day. But it’s up to you to make sure you get your fair share of those shoppers. 

Sharing your sale with family and friends online, using the web page you get as part of Garage Sale Trail, is a great place to start. You could also send it to any local community groups you belong to. You’ll also get posters you can download to put up around your neighbourhood. Make sure they go in high visibility areas with lots of foot traffic. You might even want to consider local cafes and businesses. Posters are the oldest, but also most effective way to let people know about your sale. There are also letterbox slips you can print out with your details and drop off to your neighbours. 

Unique Items

Secondhand buyers are motivated to find unique items that can’t be purchased elsewhere. It is this desire to find something special that is driving the increase in vintage shoppers. Highlighting items that fit the bill on your garage sale website page (which you’ll automatically get when you sign up for Garage Sale Trail) and on posters and any other advertising you do is a good first step. On the day of your sale place unique items where the can be easily seen and never underestimate the value of something unusual.

Tell a Story

The other thing that sets pre-loved items apart from those that can be purchased new is the story behind them. Knowing the history can add character and value to any item, so share stories about where or when you purchased an item, how it used or by whom, or anything else interesting.

Price to Sell

Any unique items you have will demand a price premium, but there are also plenty of shoppers looking for a bargain. By pricing everyday items cheaply, you’ll sell more stuff, make a little money and feel good knowing your stuff has found a new home. Offers can also help, like a free gift with purchases over a certain amount (even a cup of tea might work) or buy 5 get 1 free.

Registrations for Garage Sale Trail 2020 open in mid September. For now, mark 21 & 22 November in your diary and get ready to make some moula from your pre-loved stuff.