Jan Fran talks us through her top secondhand outfits

Jan Fran is an Australian journalist and presenter and our absolute idol when it comes to buying secondhand clothing. She is now in her second year of not buying any new clothes. When asked how she shops she said…

"I hunt for clothes in op-shops, online and in market stalls. I’ve bought clothes from the side of the road. I map out vintage shops in foreign cities and do a walking tour. I rummage through my sisters’ wardrobes (uninvited) and swap outfits with friends and wear my husband’s T-shirts and tailor old dresses and rifle through the cupboards of every stylish older person who’ll let me (odds are they’ve got a divine item from decades past they’re happy to lend or give to you). " SMH

How is that for inspiration!

By shopping secondhand you are doing your part for the planet and avoiding sending textile waste to landfill.

Scroll below for the ultimate inspiration ahead of the Garage Sale Trail weekend as Jan talks us through some of her top secondhand outfits which goes to show secondhand is not second best!

Photo taken by  Dan Hartley-Allen follow him on Instagram here

Black and White jacket - 1980s Carla Zampatti number bought from @iambilleboots on Instagram 

1980s low waist red evening dress brought from @op_shop_to_runway who picked it up at Vinnies. 

Pink and black stain one-piece I bought at @lostandfoundmarket in Melbourne 

Jeans - Zara bought at @traficshop Paris France, shoes also Zara bought for $10 @vinniesshops, white glasses @uturnvintage, shirt bought from @honeyfromthejar via Instagram

Black and white mini - bought new many years ago from The Fifth label - It was past knee-length and I was getting sick of it so I had it tailored into a mini and now I love it again. 

Blue and white 80s silk two-piece with matching silk belt. This belonged to my mother. She bought in 1984 from Tripoli Lebanon, to wear on her honeymoon.