How to Promote Your Sale Like a Boss

So, you’ve decided to have a garage sale but is anyone going to show up on the day? 😳 Time to promote your sale like a boss!

  1. The webpage for your garage sale - Give your sale a smart, funny and snappy name. Tell everyone what you are selling and get creative with what you write. You can edit your page here.
  2. Upload pix to your webpage - Our data tells us that pages that have pix that are viewed more by people than pages that don't have pix. It attracts buyers and makes your sale page look great. You can upload your sale snaps here.
  3. Download your free promo material on your dashboard - What? I have a dashboard? There's posters, letterbox slips and heaps more that you can download here.
  4. Go door to door - You can print out letterbox slips here, and tell your neighbours what you're doing.
  5. Go full Old-school - Print out some posters from the dashboard and take them to your local school or community group.
  6. Tell the world on social media - Whether you’re a Facebook fiend or Youtube megastar social media is where it is at to tell the world about your sale. Need some inspo? You can paste a link to your sale web page directly onto Facebook, or check out our videos and social posts you can share with your friends.
  7. Post your Sale on Gumtree - List your sale for free on Gumtree. With an average 7 million unique visitors to the site each month, listing on Gumtree is a great way to get even more shoppers to your sale.
  8. Signage signage signage - Three days before your garage sale get your signage up. be loud and proud. Then take it down again 😉