Hosting a virtual sale but not sure how to get started on shipping and payments for the items you sell? Fear not, we’ve got you covered 🙌


​​When selling online, it’s best to offer payment methods that don’t require exchanging bank or credit card information. It’s also helpful to receive immediate payment confirmation, so you can package and send off your sold items quickly, or follow up if a buyer hasn’t come through following a sale. 

PayPal.Me is a PayPal feature that lets customers pay you with the click of a link, without having to type, or even copy/paste your PayPal-linked email address. All you need to do is: 

  • Download the PayPal app
  • Once signed up, click on the ‘request’ icon then ‘share your link’ 
  • Choose your unique PayPal.Me link e.g. PayPal.Me/Tallulah
  • Share your link with your customers, by adding it to your sale page, your social media bio, or sending it directly via DM / message.
  • Customers click the link, confirm the amount they owe you, and you receive an instant payment confirmation in your PayPal app. 

Visit the PayPal website for more information on PayPal.Me.


With shoppers tuning in to your virtual garage sale from all over Australia you’ll need to get a plan in place for how you’ll ship items to their lucky purchaser. We get that it can be daunting so we’ve compiled some top tips to help you keep it simple:

Set a flat rate for shipping that you can easily communicate to shoppers. Something like $9 for smaller/lighter items, and $15 for bigger/heavier items.

Get prepped in advance and order some prepaid satchels from Australia Post. Not only do they come in a variety of sizes perfect for clothing, accessories and other small bits and pieces, Australia Post satchels have been built with the circular economy in mind. Satchels are made from 80% recycled materials and once they've come to the end of their life can be recycled at major supermarkets.

For bigger or more exxy items book a pick up from Sendle. Not only do they have super impressive eco friendly credentials, they’re cost effective and offer door to door service that’s easily tracked.

When packaging up breakable items, consider using things you already have like newspapers, fabric offcuts or cardboard.

If possible, track your purchases and pass tracking information along to the person who bought your stuff so they’re kept in the loop and to give you (and them) peace of mind.

That’s a wrap!

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