Grow it Local Festival

It seems it wasn’t just bargains sprouting over Garage Sale Trail weekend. This year, we noticed more plants and gardening tools being shared and re-homed on the trail than ever before. Try saying sold-out succulent sale five times fast! At Garage Sale Trail, we’re all about passing on the unwanted stuff taking up room in corners of our homes but what would we find in neighbourhood backyards, balconies and windowsills?

It got us thinking about those of you interested in learning more about gardening as a way to live more sustainably. For years, it’s been a healthy hobby but in today’s world, gardening, and more specifically growing your own food is a total game changer.

Enter Grow It Local. Be it backyard veggies, homemade honey, windowsill herbs or high quality compost, you’ll find it at where over 600 patches are on the map and local growers are connecting over shared interests, knowledge and skills.

What happens when you join Grow It Local?

  • Connect with your local grow community to see what’s going on in patches near you
  • Put your patch on the map… No herb garden is too small, nor citurs orchard to large!
  • Join Grow It Local Marketplace – your place to buy, sell, share and learn from your local grow community and even make money doing what you love.
  • Get involved in crowdfarming. Supply or source local produce for cafes, restaurants and food businesses.

This November, Grow It Local are dedicating an entire week in Perth and Sydney to knowledge & skills sharing activities related to growing, sharing & eating locally grown foods. Grow It Local Festival is on it’s way, hitting Perth 4-10 Nov and Sydney 18-24 Nov.

What is Grow It Local Festival?

Grow It Local Festival is a G&T with Clive Blazey, a local growers seed exchange, composting with Costa, jamming with the Country Womens Association, edible gardening with Paul West (River Cottage Australia), crowdfarming, local garden tours & tastings, the first ever Picklenic featuring a live broadcast with ABC Radio and a whole suite of community-led events run by growers, chefs and local food lovers.

Local growers, foodies, community groups, schools, restaurants, bars and cafes are invited to get involved by registering an event that celebrates growers and locally grown food during the Festival weeks.

The idea is that it's community-powered by local growers and food lovers and we’re digging it.

What’s the local grow community up to around Sydney and Perth so far? Take a sneak peak:


Urban Edible Garden tour, produce tasting + plant sale


Community Party at Randwick Permaculture Garden


Transition Bondi Community Garden Drop In


Edible Gardening with Paul West


Beautiful Breakfasts Workshop with Casey Lister


Grow It Local at Honeywood Farmers Market


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