Garage sale like a pro

It's all in the name

Be funny, smart and snappy. Cut through the clutter and grab shoppers attention. As the song says "Express yourself!" We really quite like a few of these examples.

Tell people what you're selling

If you’ve got it, flaunt it. Focus on your spesh stuff. Descriptions like bric-a-brac don’t cut it – be specific! Identify the three - five best items you are selling and mention them when you advertise your sale.

Go hard promoting your sale

No-one got rich being a wall flower. Share your sale on social media and join Nextdoor, the free and private app for your neighbourhood. By downloading the App or heading to you'll be able to promote your sale to those in your neighbourhood and get your neighbours involved. 

Go nuts creating your own signage. Make it big, bold and place it in high traffic areas. If the idea of starting from scratch is daunting, download our ready made posters and promo materials instead.

Add pics of you and your stuff

People remember pictures 6 times better than words, so make your advertising memorable and add some snaps. Put pics of your stuff up, put pics of yourself up, and on the day put pics of your sale up.

Get creative with some special offers.

Remember the free hugs video? Sixty gazillion web views for a simple idea like that. Add a snappy idea to your garage sale too. Two for one. Free vino after 1pm. In years gone by we've seen a church offering free pet baptisms with every purchase. At another sale, a die hard Magpies fan offered to sing the Collingwood theme song with every purchase… whether you liked it or not!

Tell people what you’re doing with the $$

People like to know where their money’s going - whether it’s being passed on to charity or just so you can enjoy a smashed avo in the fanciest of cafes. After all, how can you haggle with someone having a sale to raise money for bushfire or drought relief?

Make a day of it  

Invite friends over, play some tunes, get dressed up and download our party pack for a next level garage sale. Your neighbours will be having a sticky beak, so flaunt what you’ve got. You’ll make some lasting connections and you’ll definitely shift your stuff. 

Garage Sale Trail is free to get involved in and is open to everybody and anybody. This year it’s happening on Saturday 21 & Sunday 22 November 2020. Registrations open mid September.